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Platinum Pursuits is one of the worlds most innovative education and support companies, dedicated to teaching others the financial strategies to grow their wealth through trading.

Platinum Pursuits was founded in 2001 by Daniel Kertcher with the aim of teaching others the techniques to becoming wealthy - Daniel Kertcher became wealthy before the age of 30.

Daniel's highly effective strategies and powerful tactics are used by the worlds top investors. After years of research, Platinum Pursuits have managed to distill them into an innovative educational system that makes these potentially life-changing techniques both easy to understand and simple to implement, just like learning a board-game.

Over 100,000 people have attended introductory seminars from Platinum Pursuits and over 10,000 have gone on to complete the more advanced courses. The company teaches targeted trading strategies across a range of instruments including Options, CFDs, Margin FX, Futures, E-minis, Exchange Traded Funds and Portfolio Margining.

Daniel Kertcher has trained people of all levels from brokers to beginners. He brings to the table both increadible industry knowledge but also a love of teach having been mentored by some of the industrys best, as well as achieving ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) accreditation to the highest levels.


Daniel Kertcher is also an accomplished author. His most recent book, Taming the Beasts: Secrets to Profit in Volatile Bull and Bear Markets, became a Borders bestseller and Daniel is in high demand as a contributor to prominent publications in Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

Platinum Pursuits focuses on refining the mountain of information down to a manageable set of key strategies. By delivering world-class training, innovative investment tools, superior member services and step-by-step support, Platinum Pursuits provides the essential link to making true financial freedom an attainable goal for everyone.

Importantly, Platinum Pursuit teaches members how its possible to profit in both rising and falling markets, how to protect themselves against market volatility and how to generate monthly income streams.

While we seek to demystify Stock market trading using stocks, options and CFDs (Contracts for Difference), we do not deny that trading involves risk, but it is how you manage that risk that is important. It is all about having the right knowledge, skills, and mindset.

It is this understanding that will teach you how to avoid the greatest risks to investing. Our approach will show you that there is no need to be unnecessarily exposed as most ordinary investors are when they buy shares without any strategies in place to minimise a capital loss.

Daniel Kertcher believes that to do this the company must remain at the leading edge of financial education. How to buy shares and commodities, the online tools, trading strategies, CFDs are all explained in simple language and reinforced regularly using a variety of techniques. Platinum Pursuits have developed a world class range of tools including a professional traders diary (The Daily Trading Report), charting software and a live online mentoring program.

Platinum Pursuits is committed to providing an outstanding service experience, to being both approachable and friendly, and to keeping our clients needs at the forefront of our minds at all times.

Platinum Pursuits contests the traditional thinking that trading is difficult to learn.

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